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The TTXGP hasn't yet dropped the flag on its inaugural 2009 edition and already the organizers are scheming about how they can make next year's event even more exciting. It's occurred to them that one way to accomplish their goal is to tip over the two-wheel apple cart and include a couple events for cars. Their preliminary concept is to have two classes, one for single-seaters and another featuring saloons. Hopefully, more detailed specifications will be made available soon as one year is not really a lot of time to build a competitive car or two from scratch. We can easily imagine a long list of teams potentially interested in participating in such a profile-raising event, not to mention at least one driver.

Bringing in the 4-wheeled cages doesn't mean the organizers have forgotten about the bikes; there are plans afoot for changes there as well. Next year will see a new Pro2 class that will complete two laps of the 37-mile course with a battery hot-swap pit stop. Hey, perhaps Better Place might get involved in that one.

[Source: TTXGP]

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