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AB regulars will note that we just reported on the re-opening of the car-lover's dream store at the Irvine Spectrum in Southern California. We told you how the former Saleen Store had re-opened under the banner of Concours Supercars, keeping much of the original shop's charms, but replacing all of the Saleen merchandise with multiple brands of auto-minded clothing, apparel and toys. One nod to the store's former owner was the Saleen Mustang parked inside. Well, cancel those plans to visit if you've already made them. The store is no more.

The Orange County Register is reporting that the parent operation, Concours Supercars, has already shut the store's doors. Spokeswoman Kelly Rose Pion says the Irvine Spectrum location closed on June 17, about two months after it had opened because of "issues" with the company's main facility in Anaheim. Concours Supercars has had to "alter its business operations," according to Pion, and that meant closing the Irvine Concours Supercars store.

Last we checked, the sign was still up and there was still merchandise on the shelves, so we'll have to see what comes next for this prime bit of retail space in the heart of car crazy SoCal. It's just a stone's throw from the weekly Cars & Coffee meet, and we even spotted a familiar face outside the store last time by: None other than Steve Saleen was there with two SMS Challengers and his daughter Molly in her Molly Pop pink Saleen Mustang. Might Steve be considering another go at it? We'll keep you posted.

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[Source: The Orange County Register]

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