We've all heard stories about ways you can avoid or get out of a ticket, but how many people do you know that have actually pulled it off? One? Two? None? Virginia traffic attorney Andrew Flusche probably knows a thing or two about fighting moving infractions, and he came up with a list of some of the "get out of a moving violation free" ticket myths.

You've all heard this one: "the officer won't show up in court if you fight it." According to Flusche, that's flat-out wrong in most cases. In fact, some municipalities pay police overtime for court time, making it that much more enticing to show up, and as Flusche points out, it's the officer's job to show up.

Another common myth is that you can simply plead to the judge that you were going with the flow of traffic. That's the traffic infraction equivalent of "the other kids were doing it." That didn't fly with your parents, and it won't fly with the judge.

The third myth Fusche brings up is the argument that the radar system was poorly calibrated. To successfully argue this point in court, Fusche says that you must first obtain evidence that the equipment is faulty. You can request calibration dates and data, and you can research the information online, but the burden of proof is on you. Without the evidence, the judge will rightfully side with the guys and gals in blue.

[Source: Dumb Little Man via Life Hacker | Image Source: Ramzi Haidarr/Getty/AFP]

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