In 67 days, the Joss supercar will be revealed. The brainchild of Matt Thomas, an aerodynamicist with the short-lived Stewart F1 team, the car has been wholly designed and engineered in Australia. The details revealed so far might not make one immediately think "super" status applies since the car has "only" 469 hp and 479 lb-ft. of twist.

But the carbon fiber, mid-engined car with a home-grown 6.8-liter V8 weighs just 2,068 pounds, which means its acceleration runs should be enough to leave the driver singing "Let's Do the Time Warp Again." However, The Motor Report says that the supercar's 0-100 kmh (62 mph) stat is listed at 3.7 seconds. That's only a shade faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo, which weighs 1,400 pounds more and has about the same power numbers. Elsewhere, it's been mentioned that it will do the run in 2.5 and 2.98 seconds, which seems much more likely if all else comes to pass.

As you've doubtlessly already noted, the rear deck is bereft of a spoiler. TMR says that's because a rear venturi will create enough downforce not to need one (and the vortex-generating doors don't hurt), a trait the car shares with the McLaren F1. It also makes room for the top-exiting twin exhaust. And also like the McLaren, Joss is planning to run a version of the car at Le Mans sometime in the future. In two months, we'll begin to see how its chances rate.

[Source: The Motor Report]

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