When Ross Brawn took over the artist formerly known as Honda F1, the other Formula 1 teams voted to allow Brawn GP to receive the commercial revenue owed to Honda. That was before Brawn started winning, oh, everything. The reversal came when the FIA declared Brawn an entirely new team and Renault's Flavio Briatore declared Brawn shouldn't get any money -- so Brawn didn't get the twenty million pounds it was expecting.

Now Brawn has decided to sell its Honda and BAR Racing heritage collection. The cars and collectibles span the 2001 to 2006 seasons and were piloted by Villeneuve, Button, and Barichello. With a 2001 BAR chassis pegged at something like £7,000 ($11,528 US), the sale won't come anywhere close to the £20,000,000 from the lost commercial revenue.

The sale is said to be about raising money, but we imagine that's only part of the case. Brawn has already said "we have the budget and the people to win the championship," and the team knocked back Virgin sponsorship because Sir Richard Branson wasn't offering enough. All of that makes this sale sound just as much about housecleaning and out-with-the-old as it is about money.

[Source: Five FWD]

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