Surviving the initial bankruptcy shakedown, yet still struggling to stay afloat, the Buick division of General Motors is introducing a new advertising campaign starting this weekend - adding to the handful of all-new campaigns it has launched since 2002. The new offensive, aimed directly at the intended audience of baby-boom drivers, carries the theme "Take a look at me now."

Before you start humming that familiar Phil Collins song, GM wants to assure all of us that we are heading down the wrong path. After all, Mr. Collins actually named his hit "Against All Odds" (and it served as the title song for an Eighties movie bearing that same name). This is a different agenda, unrelated to the song, conceptualized by the company's hired ad agency to drive traffic into the showrooms and get warm bodies behind the wheel. This campaign delivers a pointed approach, says GM. We'll buy it... until they tell us next year's ad campaign is "Take me home."

[Source: The New York Times]

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