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We've been bouncing all over the track since late yesterday morning, but a little after 2 AM we found our new favorite spectator spot – directly above the Audi pits. The speed, skill and – in typical German fashion – efficiency of the Audi crew is unmatched at Le Mans, but lighting quick fuel stops and deft tire swaps are only part of the equation. And Audi is having a difficult time filling in the numbers.

After an achingly long spell in the garage, the No. 3 Audi R15 is 42 laps behind the race leader, placing 44th overall and dashing any hopes of a triumphant comeback. So with the No. 2 Audi out altogether, the No. 1 R15 is the sole Audi fighting it out with the three seemingly (and just recently) unflappable Peugeots for a top spot. McNish might make it to sunrise on his current stint, but the No. 8 Peugeot was breathing down his neck before coming in for a driver change, so there's a distinct possibility that Sarrazin could overtake the Scot for the second spot. If you're getting the impression that Audi may have overestimated its abilities, you're not alone. But we're only at the cusp of the halfway point, and as history shows, Audi shines when the heat is on.

As for the rest of the field, the No. 31 LMP2 Team Essex Porsche Spyder is maintaining a commanding three-lap lead over the No. 5 Navi Team Goh Spyder, while the three C6.R Corvettes maintain a steady pace taking the top three spots in GT1. For the rest of the rankings, check out Le Mans' official time page and if you're following along at home, turn down the volume on SpeedTV and tune into Radio Le Mans for some of the best commentary around. We're off to find a Grand Marnier crepe and see what kind of debauchery is taking place outside the paddocks.

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