A pickup truck, a sled, ten inches of snow, and the chance to give a six-year-old a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What does that add up to? For Simon Lewington it could have added up to a jail sentence, but instead, he'll lose his license for a year and have to do 180 hours of community service. Why? After a major snowfall – and pestering from his son – the father from Leicestershire hitched a sled to the back of his truck, put his son on it, and took the boy for a ride through city streets during rush hour.
Lewington pulled his son along for nearly a mile, passing a police station on his route, and he was even photographed in the act. Even though his son was wearing a helmet and goggles and Lewington reportedly never drove above 8 mph, the courts didn't look upon the stunt as child's play.

If nothing else, Lewington's demo is a sure sign that America's crazy parents aren't so different from England's crazy parents. Here's what strikes us as almost as bizarre as Lewington's behavior: with ten inches of snow on the road, what's a Lotus Elise doing out there?

[Sources: BBC; Daily Mail]

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