Motoczysz releases pics of E1pc electric superbike, complete with iPhone gauges!

Motoczysz E1pc - Click above for high-res image gallery

Finally, speculation on the appearance of the Motoczysz E1pc can end as the fledgling American motorcycle maker has released official pictures of the machine that will take on the rest of the field at the upcoming TTXGP zero-emission eGrandPrix motorcycle race at the Isle of Man. Things are shaping up largely as we expected, with the E1pc sharing its basic layout and look – including the innovative front suspension design – with Michael Czysz's earlier race bike, the C1, which never actually made it to a MotoGP race.

Such a fate appears highly unlikely for the E1pc, and Czysz is understandably excited to see one of his two-wheelers hit the track in actual competition. In a post on Motoczysz's official blog, Czysz says, "In less than 24 hours I leave to go to the biggest race of my life, not because it is the largest, not because it is the fastest but because it will be the first time a MotoCzysz motorcycle will compete in an FIM sanctioned event."

As far as we're concerned, he has a right to be proud of his team's accomplishment. Looking over the pictures of the E1pc, we can see that there are three motors (one spins backwards) and 10 battery modules that appear to be swappable in relatively easy fashion. Perhaps the geekiest (in a good way, of course) bit is the iPhone mounted directly in front of the rider, which acts as the electric bike's instrument panel. Check out the photo gallery below for more, and be sure to click past the break for a short video of the bike in action.

[Source: Motoczysz]

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