The dispatcher had no idea who was interloping on the Ontario, Ohio police frequency. The mystery caller called himself Fred and requested a marked unit. When pressed to identify what department the call was coming from, a shaky answer of "Um, auxiliary patrol" came modulating weakly back. The exchange failed to pass the smell test, so Fred Heitzman indeed got his requested marked car -- it came for him. Heitzman, you see, allegedly has a habit of playing police officer without anything more than a strobed-up car.
Regardless of your intentions, it's not legal to pull people over, as Heitzman has been charged with doing on at least two separate occasions, during which he asked women for ID after stopping them, and proceeded to chide them about their driving. One of the most conspicuous (and conspicuously stupid) things you could do when playing pretend policeman is to hail the real police on their radios. As Heitzman discovered, the men in blue would like the impostors to leave the police work to the real professionals.

[Source: 10TV]

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