Zero X electric dirtbike with revised bodywork - Click above to enlarge

Shortly after taking the 2009 Zero X electric dirtbike out for a spin, we had the opportunity to chat with company founder and Chief Technology Officer Neal Saiki, and he told us to expect a slight makeover within the next few months of the plastic bodywork that was fitted to our test bike. Apparently, that time has arrived, and the update also reportedly includes a more advanced braking system. We don't have any real details on the brake upgrade, but the new bodywork is plain to see.

While the X's new body panels are still molded from white plastic, it's now a much more attractive and coherent design. We especially like the new fenders front and rear that now match the rest of the bike in color and look far more capable of keeping the rider clear of muck thrown up from the knobbies. New front and rear side panels also feature a more streamlined appearance and seem to draw a bit of inspiration from the firm's latest Zero S electric supermoto machine.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles]

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