Tokyo Preview? 550-hp, 218-mph Lexus LF-A reportedly coming this year

Lexus LF-A Nurburgring - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Last year's reports about the demise of the Lexus LF-A may have been greatly exaggerated, and according to the fabulists at AutoExpress, Lexus' long-awaited supercar is due to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show this October.

Toyota insiders told the Brit pub – in so many words – that the LF-A's delay was due to a series of engineering tweaks to boost the sleek supercar's top speed. Initially, the LF-A topped out at 199 mph, which ToMoCo execs decided was too slow considering the supercar's competition, so after some fettling with the engine and bodywork, the revised coupe is expected to hit 218 mph or beyond.

In addition to the revised top speed, the R&D team's exterior tweaks will be obvious when the wraps come off in Tokyo, with a new fascia, headlight design and reworked rear end. Underneath that long hood lies a revised version of Lexus' new V10, displacing 4.8-liters and sending all 550 hp through a six-speed semi-automatic gearbox.

Production of the LF-A will be limited to 500 examples, and that will supposedly include a higher performance version equipped with wider body panels, a track-oriented suspension and aerodynamic components pulled from the Nurburgring racer (pictured above).

Pricing is still rumored to be somewhere in the $200,000 range, and if the LF-A does debut in Tokyo – likely alongside the rear-wheel drive Toyobaru sports coupe – it could be on sale as early as 2010.

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[Source: AutoExpress]

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