The long arm of the law now has a cat to stroke with Jaguar's creation of a high performance police pursuit vehicle. It hasn't been commissioned by forces yet, but is apparently under evaluation by UK authorities across the country. The model in question is the new twin-turbo XF Diesel S, a 3.0-liter unit pumping out 275 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque, while still returning 42 British mpg.

The police version XF gets a "police pack" electronics package to power equipment, the radio, and enough lights for several Heathrow runways: a roof-mounted light bar with 3600 light elements, side alley lights, blue and white strobing LEDs in the grille and blue flashing LEDs along the side of the car, along with blue and red flashing LED lights in the rear light clusters. If you ask us, this beats a Ford Crown Vic any day of the week.

[Source: Jaguar]

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