Found in the "What have you done for me lately?" bin, Chrysler is apparently asking former CEO Lee Iacocca for the keys to his company cars. According to a FOX report, as part of their Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, Chrysler isn't allowed to provide vehicles to former execs, even if those execs once famously saved the company from bankruptcy. Therefore, poor Lido is being asked to return his minivan and Chrysler 300, or pay fair market value to keep them.
Maybe the government should step in and allow Iacocca to keep the cars in exchange for some help in getting Chrysler out of its most recent financial mess. After all, Lee has some experience in this matter. He used (just) $1.5 billion in government loans back in 1979 to save Chrysler from the brink. He even repaid those loans seven years early in 1983, capping one of the most legendary turnarounds in U.S. business history. That's right, he repaid the loans. What a concept. Where Have All the Leaders Gone, indeed. You can see the letter sent by Chrysler, after the jump.

[Source: FOX Business]

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