U.K. man builds world's smallest car out of children's ride (w/VIDEO)

World's Smallest Car - Click above to watch a video after the break

Standing just 39 inches tall and 26 inches wide, the little red Postman Pat car is apparently well-known in Europe as a children's toy. Oddly enough, it's now known all over the globe as the World's Smallest Street-Legal Car. The ridiculously tiny vehicle owes its new-found fame to a 47 year-old man in the U.K. named Perry Watkins, who gutted the plaything, added a steel frame to the fiberglass shell and propped it all up with the chassis from a quad.

Powered by a 150cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine hooked to the rear wheels, Watkins' machine won't be keeping up with traffic on the motorway, but it's working head lamps, tail lights, windshield wipers, horn and turn signals mean it's fully street legal in Britain. The small-displacement engine reportedly returns 70 miles per gallon and manages to push the diminutive flame-painted flyer to a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

This isn't Watkins' first foray into the automotive record books. Last year, the car-crazed builder made headlines with his so-called Flatmobile, which stands just 19 inches off the ground at its highest point. Finding it hard to imagine this thing actually driving down the road? Hit the jump for video proof and click here to check out a gallery from The Sun.

[Source: The Sun]


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