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General Motors' acting CEO Fritz Henderson has said the Wilmington, DE plant that currently produces the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky could be sold if a buyer was interested in producing the two roadsters. "If someone were to approach [us] with a proposal that made good sense for our people, we'd be open to it," Henderson told Autoweek. The move would ape Chrysler's plan for the Dodge Viper's production facilities, allowing another automaker to take control and continue building the niche model.

The Delaware plant also produces the Opel GT, a rebadged variant of the U.S. market Solstice and Sky, for GM's German arm, and it's obvious that as the General rushes to restructure before its June 1 deadline the automaker is looking to cut loose any and all extraneous operations. With Pontiac's future sealed, Saturn's all but assured and all three models returning little (if any) profits, the decision to nix the roadsters was obvious. Now it's time to see if someone is willing to take the reigns.

[Source: Autoweek]

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