Although the automotive industry has been bracing for a Chrysler bankruptcy for some time, last week's official announcement of a Chapter 11 filing still came as a shock. One of the long-held assertions about bankruptcy was that once one domestic automaker filed, the others would eventually be forced to follow suit. The other belief was that bankruptcies would hamper the supply chain, which would in turn hurt other automakers besides the other Detroit 2.

Ford is out to assure its fans and stock holders that Chrysler's bankruptcy isn't going to hamper its supply chain or restructuring efforts. While Ford has planned its way around any problems with Chrysler, the company still wants to see a speedy recovery for the Pentastar. Ford's open letter to the public is a show of support for Chrysler, but it's even more an announcement that the Dearborn-based automaker is going to be largely unaffected by its competitor's bankruptcy. Hat tip to Thomas!

[Source: The Ford Story]

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