Ford Fiesta "agents" get first mission: some decide to go milk a cow

It's time to find out what we're really missing by not getting a free Ford Fiesta for six months: details on the secretive "missions" for the car's "Agents." The 100 drivers in the Fiesta Movement have been assigned to pick one of the Movement's May "Travel" missions. Looking at the list of possibilities, it's clear that someone at Ford HQ was able to convince the higher ups to include bizarre choices, from acting like a less-rich Montgomery Brewster to milking farm animals. Here are some of the missions that Agents have already selected for trip #1:
  • Go to your favorite fast food joint, order 1 of everything and give it all away.
  • Take someone to the Atlantic Ocean who's never been
  • Blindfold a friend and take them away.
  • Tell us your life story.
  • Travel to every major landmark in your town.
  • Get tourists to do "jump" photo shots at a tourist destination.
  • Recreate Paul Revere's midnight ride, at midnight.
  • Go to farmers market, visit one of the stands' farms, and milk an animal.
  • Be a mule for a day. Pick up a package & deliver it.
  • Drive until you run out of gas.
So far, no one has picked the "go to Vegas and get married" mission. Reports on these activities will be available here when they're complete.

[Source: Ford]

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