Hennessey Camaro #001: Click above for a high-res gallery

Hennessey has some interesting plans for the 2010 Camaro, including the supercharged, 562 horsepower HPE550. The aftermarket powerhouse has already taken delivery on its first 2010 model, an Inferno Orange SS model with a six-speed manual and 426 hp at its beck and call. Wait, make that 446, as Hennessey engineers have already tweaked the LS3 V8 to provide an additional 20 ponies.

Barely a day into Hennessey's ownership of the bow tie pony car, it was already at the track and ready to play. Hennessey took to the quarter mile with 6.2-liters of small block fury, and exited with a reasonably 13.6 @ 108 mph. The Camaro's 60 time was also registered at 5.2 seconds, even with an absolutely pedestrian jump out of the gates. Hennessey also mentions that they didn't even bother to let a bit of air out of the tires to increase the time, and we're guessing the time can be cut down considerably with a little practice. Hennessey is hoping to bring the HPE550 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, with a 11.9 second run in the quarter mile.

Hit the jump to check out Hennessey Camaro #001 for yourself. You'll see a nice-looking burnout to warm up the massive SS tires, followed by the glorious symphony that emanates from the tried-and-true small block Chevy V8.

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