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A while back we clued you in on some cool solar-powered tire warmers created by an outfit operating under the moniker, Green GT. Well, it seems the Swiss-based group has even greater ambitions and today they will unveil their all-electric race car prototype at the Swiss Show of Renewable Energy and New Technologies, Energissima. The FIA-spec carbon chassis is home to two water-cooled 100 kW motors said to provide for 1,475 lb ft of torque up to 100 mph, decreasing to 590 lb ft until it tops out at 170 mph. The weight is kept down to 1,896 lbs despite two separate 30 kWh lithium ion polymer battery packs on board. The slicks are mounted on magnesium wheels and Brembo brakes are used to slow things down. These guys seem really into solar panels as they have Flexcells mounted on each side despite the fact that the amount of energetic contribution they bring to the package is minimal.

Of course, while some cars are content to just race against a clock, competing against other drivers is usually a bit more exciting. The Green GT guys agree and after they thoroughly test this prototype over the summer, they plan on building a small fleet of between 20 and 25 vehicles, with an eye towards establishing a European series. Once energy storage improves though, they'd like to go up against their carbon-fueled counterparts in the various LMP2 endurance series.

[Source: CarPlatform]

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