There seems to have been a spate of posts here on ABG lately about electric vehicles running down the quarter mile strip. The Killacycle set a world record, the Tesla Roadster pulled down a respectable time and the Dodge EV prototype showed gave the Hemi-powered Dodge Challenger a go. Heck, we even featured a sweet electric Pinto not so long ago. While that may seem like plenty for most people, we're really enthusiastic about performance cars that don't burn gas (or diesel, for that matter) and so when we learned from a reader about the White Zombie being featured in a nicely-produced segment for Oregon Public Broadcasting, we had to bring it to your attention. Yeah, we've talked about the 'Zombie before but its been over a year and while it might not be as refined as the Tesla Roadster that we spill so much ink on, it is faster. So without further ado, check it out!

[Source: Oregon Public Broadcasting]

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