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Ever been to an automobile race? If so, you've surely noticed that every team on the grid has a pile of tires just waiting to be bolted on their race cars, and none of them goes on cold. Generally, the stacks of tires are placed inside enclosures that duct hot air directly to the tires, bringing them up to temperature so they are soft enough for racing. There's a problem, though, with this situation, and it's all about how the heat for the tires is generated. Apparently, a bunch of pollution-spewing gas burners are currently in use at the Le Mans Series, but race organizers have reportedly laid out plans to ban them.

A Swiss company called GreenGT has devised a potential solution to the problem that would emit exactly zero pollution in operation. Called the Sunny Green Box, the system would place solar panels on the roofs of the team's support trucks, which would power electric heaters that would warm the tires. At least one team, OAK Racing Team Mazda France, has already started using the Sunny Green Box with good results. Thanks for the tip, Jerome!

[Source: GreenGT via CarPlatform]

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