Today's cars will become tomorrow's classics. Sort of. Just ask anyone old enough to remember the musclecar era of the 1960s and 1970s and you're likely to hear lots of "If I had just held on to that..." statements as the ex-owner realizes what his past vehicles would be worth on the open market today. There's just one problem: It's nearly impossible to know what common vehicles currently for sale will one day be remembered as classics, and, perhaps more importantly, command premium pricing after a couple of decades have passed.

Jay Leno, late night comedian, certified car nut and part-time columnist for Popular Mechanics, has tackled the question of what recent cars and trucks will eventually turn into collectors items, and some of his thoughts seem surprising. For instance, the first-generation Toyota Prius makes Jay's list, as does the first-gen Honda Insight. Jay thinks that these two hybrids, representing the first of their kind, will be fondly remembered by future generations.

Somewhat paradoxically, Jay also believes that the HUMMER brand and the Cadillac Escalade will eventually turn into future classics. Why? Click here to read the whole column.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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