Last week, we heard news that Raser had teamed up with FEV to develop a plug-in hybrid powertrain for large trucks, but we weren't yet sure what the first platform to get the extended-range electric hardware would be. Now, we know. Interested? Hint: it's from what's generally accepted as the least eco-friendly automaker in America. That's right, HUMMER.

In reality, using a large SUV like the HUMMER H3 as the basis for an electric vehicle isn't necessarily that far of a stretch. A good deal of space will be taken up by a battery large enough to provide 40 miles of range, a 200 kW electric motor and a 100 kW gasoline-powered engine. Even with its brick-like aerodynamics and heavy platform, Raser claims an equivalency of 100 miles per gallon or more.

Further, some people (though, likely, a very small number) really do need the capabilities of an SUV, and Raser claims that its EREV maintains its acceleration and towing capacities. Because the H3 shares much of its chassis with GM's midsize pickup trucks, the technology will likely be adaptable to that platform as well. The demonstration vehicle will be on display at the 2009 SAE World Congress in Detroit starting on April 20th.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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