It's no secret that corn-state Senator Tom Harkin (D - Iowa) is a fan of ethanol. In 2006, Harkin and Senator Richard Lugar (R - Indiana) proposed an ethanol pipeline study. The DoT and the Association of Oil Pipe Lines studied a biofuel pipeline in 2007 and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners had no major problem sending ethanol down the pipe in 2008.

Harkin's latest move, made with the help of John Thune (R - South Dakota) and Tim Johnson (D - South Dakota) - is to sponsor a bill to move forward on loan guarantees to build this renewable fuel pipeline. Harkin recently said the pipeline is a good idea because it "efficiently and inexpensively helps enlarge the market for biofuels like ethanol, reduces our dependence on foreign fuels and will provide good construction jobs." The Senators claim the pipeline could create up to 25,000 jobs in the U.S. Corn farmers somewhere are smiling.

[Source: MidWest AgNet via Domestic Fuel]
Photo by Frapestaartje. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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