Do you ever get the feeling that cops are reluctant to give other cops speeding tickets? We've heard a few tales of off-duty police officers flashing their badge to an on-duty traffic officer and getting off without points or a fine. That doesn't happen all the time, though, as South Carolina state trooper J.D. McGaha knows all too well. McGaha was actually on his shift and traveling in an unmarked Dodge Charger patrol car when he was clocked going 131 on a 70-mph interstate.

His reason for driving at ridiculous speeds was that he was on his way to work traffic at the Carolina Cup in Camden, SC and was running late. Just like "running late" isn't a good excuse for the rest of us, in this case it didn't didn't warrant a free pass for Mr. McGaha. He faces a $355 fine and six points on his license if he is convicted by a SC judge. Since he endangered lives with his high speed antics, we're guessing the judge won't go easy on him.

[Source: Charlotte Observer]

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