VIDEO: What can Brown do for motorsports? UPS converts truck into racer

UPS is one efficient company. Brown can deliver millions of packages a day to just about anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the big brown delivery trucks are slow as molasses, and getting stuck behind one in rush hour is an exercise in frustration. UPS management obviously understands the truck's shortcomings, as it hired German tuners to transform the standard UPS truck into something much faster.

The package hauler was gutted, and its anemic, yet efficient, four-banger was replaced with a 425-hp V8. The added weight of the engine was counter-balanced by cutting out all non-essential parts, including the passenger seat. Handling was also improved with Koni shocks, a new rear axle, improved springs and tires, and bigger brakes. The end result? One badass UPS delivery machine that sounds more like a muscle car than a supersized mail machine. Hit the jump to view the UPS overhaul. It won't make you want to trade in your weekend racer, but it could provide hope for faster deliveries in the future.

[Source: YouTube via Zercustoms]

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