A rather cryptic message has appeared on the website for Motoczysz, the fledgling would-be motorcycle manufacturer that's been hard at work developing an American-made, race-ready two-wheeler. It's been months since the last update, which, according to The Kneeslider, is apparently due to an accident that badly damaged the firm's prototype.

Under the title TTXGP, a quote that seems to be attributed to Michael Czysz indicates that the company may enter a zero-emission vehicle in the upcoming time trial:
"It became very apparent to me that I was working to catch up in an era coming to an end – maybe I should set off and try to lead in an era arriving." -MC
Our guess would be that Motoczysz has shifted its efforts towards the development of a fully-electric or hybrid motorcycle, but that's currently just speculation. We'll know more soon, as April 8th is the day that the TTXGP plans to spill the beans on all 20-25 teams that are taking part in the event. Stay tuned.

[Source: Motoczysz via The Kneeslider]

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