Michael Czysz has been working on a new American sportbike for the last few years, one that he hopes will someday compete with the best machines in the world. Oddly, despite being a huge market for motorcycles and for motorsports, America doesn't really have a competitive presence at the world's top levels of two-wheeled racing. There have been efforts in the past, but nothing sustained. MotoCzysz hopes to change all that with the radical C1 prototype, but there's still a long way to go and funding is tight.

Is there another way Czysz could attack the problem that might attract more investment? Sure, he could try and go green. In fact, the team is already working on a green motorcycle concept, though it doesn't seem to be taking center stage at this point. We're unclear as to what's powering the prototype, but Czysz says it's not electric - yet. Diesel? Could be, as Czysz mentions oil-burners by name along with direct injection. We're pretty sure all of this is in the early planning stages, but it's something we'll keep our eyes on in the future.

[Source: Superbike Planet]

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