GM and Chrysler have until Tuesday to complete the financial restructuring demanded by the government under the terms of the bridge loans. It is unlikely that they will make that target. The sticking point for GM is unwillingness on the part of bondholders to agree to what's being asked: GM needs to transform $27 billion of debt into liquidity, and that means a serious dilution of bondholder equity.

GM Inside News reports that, possibly as a move to prod bondholders, the Obama administration and the Auto Task Force will announce on Monday a deadline for GM and Chrysler to have their stakeholder agreements in order. If they have not met the terms of the loans after that new, hard deadline, they'll be put into a pre-packaged, government-backed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

It goes on to say that if GM is placed into Chapter 11 then the government and the UAW would have the most voting power. The government's loans are asset-backed, and although the UAW VEBA obligation debt is unsecured, it forms 60% of GM's total unsecured debt. Bondholders would, in turn, get something close to bupkis, and it is hoped that the thought of "zero return" will earn more concessions.

[Source: GM Inside News]

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