Everybody loves... the Fiesta Movement?

Click above for gallery of pics of the Ford Fiesta and Ford Ka

While visiting our favorite weekly car gathering in SoCal today, we were stopped in our tracks when we spotted "Everybody Loves Raymond" star Ray Romano, happily answering questions about the shiny new Ford Fiesta parked beside him. We thought it odd for Ford to enlist such a well-known stand-up comic to pitch the product at such a meager gathering, but figured even A-list talent might be hurting for a little extra scratch in this economic climate. We approached to get a better look and realized it was actually Fiesta Brand Manager Sam De La Garza a dead ringer for the actor who portrayed everybody's favorite Italian-American non-mobster on television.

Sam brought the Fiesta to Cars & Coffee to show it off and elicit some reactions. He also wanted to remind folks that the Fiesta Movement is still underway, although he declined comment on sister site AB Green's entry. Without giving too much away, he did mention that the response to the contest has been overwhelming. He told us that the entries have been beyond imagination, mentioning, for example, that Juston Laipply, creator of the über-viral "Evolution of Dance", was among the entrants. While the Fiesta's success in America seems to be a foregone conclusion in some camps, Sam also brought along a Ford Ka to see whether the Fiesta might have big enough coattails to carry its kid brother as well. We can hardly wait to get our hands on one. Check out the gallery below.

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