General Motors is reportedly closing in on an important milestone in its development of the Chevy Volt. To date, GM has built over 30 mules based on the Chevy Cruze, which will share the Volt's Delta chassis underpinnings, but none of these cars look like Volts inside or out. Starting on the first day of June, that's all set to change as the first so-called Integration Vehicles are scheduled for assembly then. This means that there will be real Volts running around GM's testing grounds, albeit not in final form.

Andrew Farah, lead engineer for the Volt program, says, "my goal is by Fourth of July to be out driving several of them." A total of 80 Integration Vehicles are slated for production before the car enters the next stage of development, which will see more and more final production methods perfected. Assuming all goes according to plan, the first salable Volts are scheduled for assembly in November of 2010.

[Source: GM-Volt]

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