Sega's OutRun Online Arcade – Click above to watch video after the jump

With many worried that government regulations will soon strangle the concept of having fun in an actual car, it's convenient that game makers are developing more ways to have fun with virtual cars. SEGA is updating that old arcade classic OutRun with the latest in automaker metal, and the new game will arrive as OutRun Online Arcade on XBox Live Arcade and the Euro-version PlayStation Network.

Up to six players can play three different modes on 15 U.S. tracks while driving any of ten Ferraris, which is a much better selection than the original's only option: a Ferrari Testarossa convertible. Imagine Formula D in a Dino or Enzo and you're pretty close. But even Formula D doesn't offer you this: "If you impress your girlfriend enough in Heart Attack Mode, you will receive special requests." Okay... For U.S. customers, the game will be out June 30th on XBox Live Arcade, but for now you can check out gameplay video of this updated oldie after the jump.

[Source: Joystiq]

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