Mazda's smallest car has been spotted undergoing testing in France wearing very light camouflage. The Mazda1 is expected to slot in under the 2 and may have a powertrain like the one in last year's Kiyora concept. That model used a direct injected 1.3-liter four cylinder with a new, more efficient automatic transmission. The engine incorporated Mazda's intelligent start-stop system. This system uses the direct injection system to re-start the engine automatically without a starter motor. The engine is shut-down with the pistons in a optimal position. Fuel is sprayed into one of the cylinders that is at the top of its power stroke and then ignited. The expanding fuel pushes the piston down and gets the engine running.
Equipped this way, the Mazda1 may get down to 90 g/km of CO2 emissions. The 1 may debut as soon as this fall's Frankfurt motor show.


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