Like most any other automaker with plans to stay around for more than the next decade or so, BMW is hard at work developing its proprietary technology for electric cars. The biggest piece of the EV puzzle is undoubtedly the batteries, and there are very few companies that specialize in large-scale vehicular energy storage systems. So, just like the vast majority of its competitors, BMW is looking long and hard at its options as it searches for a partner to help design its high-tech lithium ion batteries.
Klaus Draeger, BMW's head of R&D, said, "We are examining the products of Korean suppliers like LG Chem, and we are talking to Japanese suppliers as well as U.S.-based suppliers like A123 Systems Inc." These units are destined for the upcoming Megacity small car that the German automaker just announced. Currently, BMW uses batteries sourced from AC Propulsion for its MINI E. Thanks for the tip, Andrew!

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd via 4 Wheels News]

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