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Truth be told, we've always thought PowerWheels were underpowered, too. We just never thought of custom building them with a 110cc gas engine from a pit bike, four-speed manual transmission and electric start. Some other guys did, and watching their results in action will seriously mess with your childhood memories.

Their stable of monsters are a Greatest Hits of the PowerWheels garage including the Ford F-150, Barbie Corvette, Barbie Jeep (with wheelie bar), Hummer H2 and Mustang Convertible. Each one looks like an "After" picture of Barry Bonds – a little bigger than you remember and way more powerful. These grown men sit more atop their custom cars than in them, and to say their creations are less safe than a Chinese-built Smart clone would be an understatement. And yet, riding them looks more than enough fun to outweigh the risk of your head becoming a roll bar.

The first video after the jump has them all frolicking on a snow-covered parking lot, pulling wheelies, doing donuts and motoring about like a swarm of riding lawn mowers looking for a new purpose in life. There's more, too, including a jump attempt by the F-150 and a series of spinouts by the Barbie Corvette that could best be described as centrifugal. Follow the jump to watch them all. Hat tip to Robin!

[Source: YouTube via Oh Gizmo!]

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