Some used cars going for more than new ones

The lagging sales of new vehicles has been well documented, forcing retailers and manufacturers to offer some pretty amazing deals just to move their metal. Sometimes, the price of a brand new car is so good that it doesn't make sense to purchase a used vehicle.

In fact, some new cars are actually priced lower than their previously-loved siblings. One specific example is the 2009 Honda Accord, which, according to Edmunds, is selling for about $80 less than the average asking price for a certified 2008 model. Of course, Hondas are known for holding their value, so better used vehicle deals may be found elsewhere.

Further, interest rates on loans for new cars are generally lower than for used cars, which means the monthly payments may actually be lower for a zero-mile vehicle that costs the same as one that's been around the block a few times. Automakers hope these facts help spur a recovery in new car sales, and for their sake, so do we.

[Source: Detroit Free Press | Photo: David Gallagher]

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