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Used cars in these colors are more likely to be discounted

Color can have a big impact on a vehicle's value

The color of a used car or truck can have a big impact on its sale price. Here are the colors most and least likely to be discounted.

Cars with the worst depreciation after three years of ownership

That means they could be attractive buys on the used market

Some cars lost half their initial value after just three years of ownership. Find out which cars depreciate the fastest, and why they could be great deals on the used car market.

These cars depreciate the least over three years of ownership

Only one pickup truck makes this list of vehicles that retain their value

All cars depreciate, but some lost a lot less value than others. Here are the top performers after three years of ownership.

Depreciation: These new cars are the biggest losers in one year

The worst models lose a third (or more) of their value in the first 12 months.

Nearly all cars depreciate over time, but some are way worse than others. Here are the vehicles that lost the most value in the first year of ownership.

New findings suggest EVs lose value quicker than gas-only autos

Electric cars may be great for saving money on gas, but a new report from Kelley Blue Book, commissioned by USA Today, shows that EVs might not be a great value option for their first owners. The study found that compared to gas-powered vehicles, EVs tend to lose significantly more of

Edmunds: Honda and Acura best brands for retaining value

Honda and Acura have had their fair share of issues over the last few years – from earthquakes, tsunamis and floods to important new models not being all that well received – but that hasn't stopped them from claiming top honors in Edmunds' 2012 Best Retained Value Awards.

This one's just fine, thanks; car owners putting 50,000 more miles on their cars

Lifecycle CO2 analysis. Higher miles per gallon ratings for new vehicles. End-of-life recycling. These things will matter to fewer and fewer people because, AutoMD has some interesting numbers out this week about how long people are keeping their vehicles these days. An online survey of car owners conducted in December and January found that about 77 percent plan on driving their current vehicles a total of 50,000 miles more than t

Some used cars going for more than new ones

The lagging sales of new vehicles has been well documented, forcing retailers and manufacturers to offer some pretty amazing deals just to move their metal. Sometimes, the price of a brand new car is so good that it doesn't make sense to purchase a used vehicle.