Having just returned from the well-heeled shores of Miami for last week's Kia Soul drive, we know that exotic machinery stacks up on the city's streets like so much cordwood. In fact, we saw upwards of ten newer Ferraris in the course of an afternoon's drive (not to mention untold Bentley Continentals and Porsche 911s) – but we didn't see a single Lamborghini during our entire stay. Not even a Jalpa.

Well with both the housing market and the new car market in the dumpster, the developers at South of Fifth luxury condos and the folks at Lamborghini Miami are understandably keen to change that. As such, they've gone and teamed up to offer a "free" Gallardo Spyder with the purchase of an oceanfront luxury beachfront home.

While South of Fifth isn't being so gauche as to announce the price of their properties, one look at the new digs on the company's swanky Flash-heavy site would suggest that a Lambo payment is going to be the least of your financial involvements here. We've seen these sorts of rolled-up real-estate/automobile deals before, but never on this sort of scale.

If you're interested, check out the link below, and be sure to hurry – there are only seven of 28 units left.

Oh – one last thing about this deal has us a bit puzzled: Don't people buy Lamborghinis in part because they want something different from their neighbors? Thanks for the tip, Richard!

[South of Fifth]

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