A few years back, Toyota saw fit to remind the motoring public that it knew how to build a sporty-looking two-seat sportscar with the FT-HS. Not surprisingly, the concept featured a hybrid powertrain adapted from the Prius. Could Toyota be working on something along these lines for a future production vehicle?
According to Auto Express, it's a distinct possibility. The new hybrid spotscar would revive the MR2 name that last died in 2007. Like its predecessor, the new car would feature rear-wheel drive and two seats. Ostensibly a competitor for the upcoming Honda CR-Z hybrid hatchback, the new car could go a long way towards reestablishing the Japanese automaker in the minds of younger consumers.

If it indeed makes production, expect to see a sub-7-second run to 60 mph and fuel economy in the 50s (60s across the pond). Carbon emissions would be below the critical 100 g/km threshold, making it an attractive option for Europeans.

[Source: Auto Express]

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