A lawsuit brought by the Tesoro Corporation last fall to prevent California's new ethanol blending mandate has been dropped. Tesoro dropped its suit against the California Air Resources Board (CARB) last week after their request for a temporary injunction was denied. The CARB mandate will increase the amount of ethanol blended into California's gasoline from 5.7 percent to 10 percent. Why did Tesoro want the blend rule stopped? Because they said that ethanol's role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions has not yet been proven. True, but isn't this just crazy ironic? Tesoro is saying that you can't prove ethanol is clean, so use our gasoline instead.
Tesoro has another biofuel issue: it can't legally dispense B100 in some of its pumps in California. So, for now, Tesoro will sell B5 there instead.

[Source: Domestic Fuel, Tesoro, TheStreet]

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