Dodge Challenger outsells Ford Mustang last month and YTD

The Ford Mustang has been a dominant force in the sales department well before the last generation Chevy Camaro rode off into the sunset. That changed last month. Ford's iconic pony car has been outsold by the Dodge Challenger by 293 units in February, as the Dodge coupe racked up 3,283 sales during a very challenging month. The Challenger's February victory could be a sign of things to come for the Mustang, as the Blue Oval's most recognizable vehicle is set to get bombarded with more competition coming from the 2010 Camaro. The Camaro, which goes into regular production on March 16, already has over 10,000 pre-orders on the books.

The Mustang won't be left for dead, though, as the pony car is getting a major makeover this spring. In fact, one reason the Challenger defeated the Mustang in February could be the fact that some are waiting for the 2010 model. Automakers also slow production before retooling for a new model, meaning there are fewer 2009 Mustangs from which to choose. With the automotive world struggling to stay afloat, it's nice to know that we have the pony car wars to keep our minds occupied.

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[Source: Chrysler, Ford]

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