Perhaps it began as an innocent experiment among dealer personnel: what would happen if three dealership executives all disappeared on the same day and 81 of the dealership's cars showed up at auto auctions in two other states? The answer to that question is that the FBI went bird-dogging on the hunt for owner Allen Patch, controller Rachel Fait, and General Manager Rick Covello on "suspicion of theft."

Legacy Auto Sales in Omaha, Nebraska was said to be in financial trouble. The three vanishing execs are suspected of trying to sell nearly all the dealership's inventory and then... well, at this point no one knows what they were going to do. But on Saturday and Monday night, transporters arrived at the dealership (that's one of them pictured) and began hauling cars away. When employees showed up for work on Tuesday, the higher-ups were gone and their desks were cleaned out.

The cars, worth $2.5 million, were found being sold at an auto auction in Salt Lake City, Utah, and also discovered in Las Vegas, Nevada. GM Covello apparently turned himself in. Fait was arrested in Tooele County, Utah on Wednesday, while Patch was located at his attorney's office in Utah and has probably been arrested by now. File this one under "Sounded like a good idea at the time..." Hat tip to WS.


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