One of the problems for some of the smaller teams that want to win part of the $10 million Automotive X Prize is that they might not have enough funds to get their cars into the streets for the competition. The X Prize team is looking out for them, though, and recently posted a notice about Startup Nation's 2009 Elevator Pitch Contest that is offering cash to the best ideas to come across the Intertubes. Even if you're not participating in the AXP, you can still submit a two-minute audio or video file here and tell them why you need X million dollars for your idea. The deadline is March 20. Another way to get some assistance is to get your idea noticed by the public. The AXP found out that the PBS show "Planet Forward" is looking for people to talk about America's energy future. Again, you don't need to be part of the AXP to vie for a spot, so click here and tell 'em why we need greener cars. Better hurry, because the show is set to air before Earth Day.

[Source: Auto X Prize]

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