The Automotive X Prize's deadline for registration has passed and now we get to wait and see just who's going to be actually participating in the upcoming high-mileage competition. The organizers say that the last few days and hours before the deadline were "an absolute firestorm of phone calls, emails, and overnight packages." From the looks of it, there might be 100 teams actually registered (40 already committed and then more than 50 applications that arrived in the last week), but somewhere between 60 and 70 is much more likely. We'll have to wait for the staff to go through the papers and see if everything was submitted correctly before we get a complete list of all the teams released.

One other bit of information that the X Prize organizers have shared on their blog is the reasoning for changing the $10 million prize purse from a 3-to-1 split between mainstream and alternative classes to a $5 million mainstream prize and two alternative class winners - one for a vehicle with side-by-side seating and one for a vehicle with tandem seating - who will each split the other $5 million. Details available here.

[Source: Auto X Prize]

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