Mahoning SRX crossover sedan - Click above for high-res gallery

My dad always used to say that if you're going to do something, do it well. That saying still applies to things you probably shouldn't have done in the first place. Take Mahoning Automotive Design, a small company that's built a prototype crossover sedan based on the current generation Cadillac SRX. The SRX is a traditional CUV with a boxy wagon shape, so Mahoning has basically lopped off the wagon back and created a sedan with what's left. The result might best be described as a Cadillac CTS Outback.

Though Mahoning's design sacrifices storage space and creates a questionable aesthetic, the new rear end does have one trick up its sleeve. The trunk opens in two parts: the first opens like a normal trunk and the second section is a liftback that takes the trunk lid and rear window with it. This allows larger items to be easily pushed into the back of the Car-UV, but unfortunately the sedan shape means your cargo can't be anything too large.

Though we can't say the Mahoning SRX crossover sedan gets the Autoblog Seal of Approval, we are impressed with the fit and finish of this prototype that looks more OEM than aftermarket. At this time, Mahoning only has this prototype, which we hear made its worldwide debut at the Cleveland Auto Show this past week. There's no price yet, but we're sure Mahoning would entertain offers.

[Source: Mahoning Automotive Design]

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