Auto task force to visit GM, Chrysler today to check out their vision

Now that President Obama had appointed the task force that will study the future of the auto industry in this country, its time for them to get to work. The team spent last week looking over the latest viability plans from General Motors and Chrysler. Today, Steven Rattner and Ron Bloom, advisers to the task force will come to Michigan where they will sit down with officials at both GM and Chrysler to discuss the plans and learn more about both company's future product directions. While they are at GM, they will also get a close up look at the Chevy Volt and its powertrain technology. Presumably, Chrysler will also be sharing what it has under the hoods and floors of its EVs and ER-EVs. Both companies will need further cash infusions in the next few weeks in order to keep paying the bills.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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