VIDEO: Davey Johnson bets on a brown Fiesta

Follow the jump to see Davey G. Johnson's Fiesta Movement video

The Fiesta Movement is on. Drivers angling to be a part of Ford's promotional campaign, which will place 100 people in Fiestas for an early six-month trial, are lining up. To even be considered for the endeavor, you need to send Ford a video explaining why you deserve a Fiesta. Quality of the videos submitted thus far is varied, to say the least, but we can now come out and say that we have someone to root for: Davey G. Johnson, erstwhile O.G. Jalop and a very good friend of Autoblog, is officially in the fight.

His video, "Baby Bets on a Brown Fiesta," is posted for your enjoyment after the jump. We're confident it's the only Fiesta Movement video that manages to successfully incorporate a 1970s brown motif; the world's greatest fictional detectives; a Mopar appearance; the sounds of diminutive, unlikely German rock star, Udo Dirkschneider; and a real, in-person endorsement by Bob Mould (of Hüsker Dü -- old-time Jalopnik readers will understand how significant this is).

If it sounds crazy, it's because it kind of is. Is it crazy enough to be a winner? We'll find out soon enough. See for yourselves after the jump.

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