UPDATE: No, this Bugatti is totally unrelated to the automotive brand, but we're not the first internet chumps to get Casa Bugatti crossed up with the storied car brand.
You'd expect that a Bugatti-branded blender would follow the lead of its Veyron sibling, with enough power to liquefy concrete. Unfortunately, the Bugatti Vela 3-speed blender is not the kitchen countertop equivalent of a 1001 horsepower supercar that accelerates like a GSX-R. What, then, is the point of dropping a third of a grand on something that doesn't even have the power of the $60 Oster "Beehive" blender that's been in production since the Pleistocene?

Design. So what if the 450 watt motor is only about half a horsepower? The Vela is a decidedly modernist way to mix up your morning smoothie or evening mudslide. Looking super-smart in chrome (red is available, too), the style is elemental and bold. A lack of frippery brings a fresh look to an item that's so often shaped like a plastic lump sprouting buttons. That said, if we were looking for high power, the wheezy Vela wouldn't even make the best blenders list. Not when you can get the Vita-Mix 5200, sporting a full 1500 watts - that's two horsepower, folks - for about a hundred bucks more than the Bug's $350 list price. Since most any blender will work, the Bugatti Vela begs the question, what price, fashion? Thanks for the tip, Ed.

[Source: Macy's]

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