Infotainment systems have taken off over the past couple of years, and Microsoft is looking to keep the momentum going with an upgrade to its Microsoft Auto software. Version 4.0 will add the ability to control a vehicle's entire stereo as well as its communication system. This way, only one piece of hardware will be needed to perform both tasks where it currently requires two. The software launches in the Spring and should save big bucks for OEM that adopt it.
Ford and Fiat currently use an older version of Microsoft Autos, which the automakers have branded as SYNC and Blue & Me, respectively. Hyundai also struck a deal with Microsoft last year to include the Redmond's automotive software in future models. There's no word yet on when Ford and Fiat will incorporate MA4 into their systems, but considering the success of SYNC in the U.S. at least, we're guessing soon.

[Source: Automotive News subs req'd]

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